• Strategic Digital Marketing

We are a digital agency based in Thessaloniki.
We help businesses to expand and grow using the web!

Sales Growth

We can help you succeed using cutting edge techniques of web marketing

Business Results

We set real goals aligned with your business marketing needs

Data Driven

We plan and optimize your strategy based on creative data mining


  • Actionable Strategies

    Match your lead or revenue expectations. We provide an actionable strategy to make sure your money is working for you.

  • Ongoing analysis & optimization

    Drop keywords that waste money and increase spend on keywords that are performing well so as to not miss opportunities.

  • Certified Google Experts

    In-depth knowledge of Adwords & Analytics. Save time and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • ROI-Driven Approach

    Reduce cost per clicks, Increase click through rate, sales conversions and make positive return on investment.

  • Highly measurable ad spend

    Manual keyword bid management and display palcements based on performance and strategic goals.

  • Keyword & demographic analysis

    We develop a thorough understanding of your target customers, sales process, industry, and competitors.

  • Transparent Reports

    Full tracking and reporting from combined data of Adwords and Analytics customized for your business needs.

  • Continuously Ads A/B Testing

    From banners to text ads, we continuously testing ads against one another to learn what works and what doesn't.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • A/B Testing

    Using sophisticated split testing software we create multiple different versions of your website and see which one performs better and which combination of changes maximizes conversions.

  • Mouse Heatmaps

    Tracking your visitors mouse movements, mouse clicks and scrolling depth is the equivalent to eye-tracking tests on a massive scale! Reveal hidden secrets, increase sales and boost conversions!

  • Conversion Analytics

    Mining actionable data will increase engagement, interactions, and conversions. Discover the winning combinations across a range of ideas and make more out of your existing website traffic.

Web DesignOptimised for Human Behaviour

We like usable web. We build websites that are pleasing to the eye and mind. Easy to navigate, with clean interface and structure. We follow the best practices in user experience, interface design and information architecture.

We make websites in Wordpress and Opencart providing you the flexibility to add, update, and edit content. Coding custom websites and landing pages in html, css, js and php using various frameworks and preprocessors. Due to responsive design, our sites perform flawlessly across all devices and platforms whether its a large monitor or a smartphone.

We build engaging websites that reinforce brand identity and credibility, communicate established messaging to target audiences and convert users into customers.

Google Analytics

  • Web Analytics interpretation by google certified experts
  • Account & Tracking codes installation
  • Setup and optimize Key performance indicators & conversion goals
  • Custom Segments, Shortcuts and Dashboards creation tailored to your business needs
  • Custom Recurring reports with insight on user behaviour
  • Face-to-face, phone & email support

Search Engine Optimization

  • Site content & structure optimization
  • Technical advice on website development
  • Content consultancy
  • Keyword research
  • No black hat tricks, just good natural optimization

Social Media

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Content Curation